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I hit rock bottom. That’s when I surrendered and miracles started happening.

The Success Paradox:
How to Surrender and Win in Business and Life

Imagine you’ve hit rock bottom and are told you have just one month to live.

What would you do?

Gary C. Cooper let go. He surrendered control and his life changed forever. Six years later, healthy and happy and immensely successful in business and life, he wrote The Success Paradox to help others learn how to surrender and win, without having to hit rock bottom.

In The Success Paradox, Gary shares his journey through pain, guilt, loss, fear, and failure to an ultimate triumph that reveals what’s possible when we quit trying to run the universe and engage with the intelligence that already is.

Brimming with wisdom that can only be gained from profound experience, The Success Paradox provides a detailed blueprint for applying the lessons Gary learned to transform stress and fear into enjoyment and ease. “Relaxed productivity” is Gary’s new normal and the astounding results of his fundamental shift speak for themselves: success on every level.

Surrender and win: learn the formula, embrace the lifestyle, enjoy a new experience.

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Speaking Programs on the Paradoxical Path to Success

Gary C. Cooper speaks to audiences across the country about his paradoxical strategies for attaining and sustaining success, no matter how dire the problems and seemingly impossible the challenges, personally and in business. His keynotes detail how surrendering control literally saved his life, his family relationships, and his business. But it’s not all about Gary, it’s about his audience applying what he’s learned. At conferences, in board rooms and on campuses, in online forums, Gary exposes the mental health crisis ravaging corporate America and provides an escape route from burn out and dysfunction. Relaxed, humorous, and easy going, Gary inspires his audiences with practical tools to surrender and win.
Gary Cooper

Gary C. Cooper | Palmetto Infusion Services | The Carolus Group

Gary C. Cooper is the Executive Chairman of Palmetto Infusion Services. Gary is also the Founder, President, and CEO of The Carolus Group. For over two decades, Gary’s ground breaking work has made the difference for patients, clients, and communities. Gary is the author of The Success Paradox, a thoroughly novel blueprint for personal and corporate success without compromising values, health, or relationships.

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